Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solutions

Warehousing & Distribution Centers

Globalfss provides its customers with a complete range of private and shared warehousing and distribution solutions in the Middle East through its own locations, and throughout the world via the company extended network.

From design to implementation, our smart, state of the art warehousing, expert team, equipment and system come together to proficiently handle every aspect of your warehousing service. Our in-house developed IT solution system allows our clients instant and continuous tracking and real inventory management of their stored items.

Dedicated Warehouse Solution

Globalfss lets you focus on your business while it designs a unique, tailor made solution dedicated to your needs. We help you in your equipment purchases, staff recruitment and training, and above all, we equip your systems with a customized, soft Warehouse Management System.

Group Warehousing

Sharing labor, equipment, space and transportation is always beneficial to your business and your costs. Globalfss group warehousing and distribution solutions are strategically located in the Middle Eastern countries, offering comprehensive and flexible services for multiple industry sectors. Globalfss warehousing solution goes beyond holding stock. We have dedicated a wide range of added value services to improve your supply chain and meet your business requirements. Our extra logistics services help clients create more efficient operation processes by reducing costs as well as inventory and lead times. Although we will be handling the whole supply chain process, our clients retain full visibility and control of the logistics progress of their orders.

Packaging and Crating

We offer comprehensive packaging solutions that ensure the secure movement of your products throughout the supply chain. Our expert team is aware of and adheres to the global packaging legislations required by governments worldwide, and all packaging material is personalized to meet your commodity type and dimension requirements.


With our extensive experience in logistics, and strong relationships with carriers, we have significant expertise in distribution via all transportation modes, such as air, sea and land freight, domestically and globally. We let you focus on your core business, while we support you in your dedicated distribution by optimizing, planning and monitoring your